Thursday, 14 April 2011

Cravin' Carven

Every fashion editor worth her Jimmy Choo's is extremely likely to be have picked up one or two pieces from the current Carven collection.

The resurrected French label has is now in the very capable hands of the once Givenchy designer Guillame Henry and he has brought a young, fresh and relevant vision to the former couture house.

As you would expect with any French label, it is the epitome of modern chic. A simplistic and yet interesting collection, it is available at Start Boutique in London ( with the added bonus of a 20% discount (using promotion code 'carven20') until Sunday midnight on 17th April 2011.

A-Line striped shorts £295 (
Sleeveless folded jersey dress £175 (

Ruched zip front dress - £479.50 (

Layed taffeta dress with bow - £410 (
Column print shirt dress £455 (
Canvas & leather satchel - £479.50 (

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