Friday, 6 May 2011

Beauty Essentials

One of my beauty essentials in definitely eye shadows. Or, more specifically, MAC eye shadows.

I love a smoky eye and have found that MAC products make this look easy for everyone to achieve if you have the right colours and tools.

One of my most economically efficient beauty buys would have to be my MAC tapered blending brush (224). I have had it for years and years and is still really effective and hasn't lost its shape. With this brush, you hardly require any eye shadow and it helps you to achieve a smoky look in seconds. The secret to a smoky look is to make sure the crease and outer corner of your eyes are slightly darker than the rest of the lid and the 224 tapered blending brush is perfectly shaped so that it fits into the crease of your eye.

MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush £21 (

One of my favourite shades of eye shadow is Satin Taupe which is a really natural brown/taupe shade that has a slight shimmer which can be worn over the whole lid for a daytime look or used in the crease of your lid for a more dramatic look. Also a great colour for layering with other brown smoky shades.

MAC Satin Taupe £11.50 (
If you want to try a shade which is slightly less traditional for a smoky look then you should try Contrast. I love using dark navy shade for blending in my socket, especially when used with a cream or white shade such as White Frost or Shroom. It's also great as using as an alternative to eyeliner and looks great on against your bottom lashes.

MAC Contrast £11.50 (
Silver Ring is a great base colour to build other grey and black shades upon. It is also subtle enough to use across the entire lid.

MAC Silver Ring £11.50 (

I use Print, which is a dark grey shade with a combination of other silver shades. It's great for finishing off the crease of your eye and also for using as an eyeliner.

MAC Print £11.50 (
 Again, Knight Divine is another essential shade that I use frequently to achieve a smoky effect. It has a slight shimmer through it but is still subtle enough to use in the daytime.

MAC Knight Divine £11.50 (
I think it's probably a fair assessment to say that nearly every make up artist in the world probably owns MAC Carbon eye shadow. It is perfect for completing a smoky eye and you really do only need the smallest amount on your brush in order to make your eyes pop! It is great for lining your eye as well but make sure you use some loose powder or a rest a tissue under your eye to stop it from falling on your cheek because that colour is highly pigmented and will leave you looking like you have two black eyes!

MAC Carbon £11.50 (
Although there are plenty of cheaper eye shadows and brushes available by other brands, I think you definitely get your money's worth with MAC. The products last for ages and stay in really good condition too.

A lot people think that you need to be a professional make up artist in order to achieve a dramatic look but practice really does make perfect. There are also so many online make up video tutorials to help you.

I personally love Lisa Eldridge and Dutchess Roz. I've added a video from both sites below but make sure you check out their websites as they have LOADS of videos with really great hair, make-up and beauty tips.



  1. Oh my gosh, wow I cant believe you put me in the same category as Lisa Eldridge! I am so so honoured!! Thank you so much for the mention :)
    It means the world to me! Lots of love xoxo Roz

  2. No problem at all missy! Glad you approve... Your videos are fab! Keep up the good work! xxx