Thursday, 5 May 2011

Brian Atwood

There has not been a red carpet in the world recently that hasn't had at least one A-list celebrity strutting their stylish stuff in a pair of Brian Atwood heels.

It would seem that Mr Atwood is the new go-to for killer heels. Well, if Victoria Beckham loves them enough to have them in her own label collection presentations then they definitely must be a hit.

Personally, what I love about them is the range of colours they come in. I'm never one to shy away from a statement heel and okay, lime green may not be everyone's first choice but I absolutely love them. The brighter the colour the better as far as I'm concerned.

The 'Maniacs' are the most popular style at the moment and come in a fantastic selection of colours to tempt your tootsies.

Brian Atwood 'Maniac' Pumps

Brian Atwood 'Maniac' Pumps

Brian Atwood 'Maniac' Pumps
Brian Atwood 'Maniac' Pumps £355 (
Brian Atwood 'Drama' Pumps
From his Resort Collection 2011, my favourites would have to be 'Alison' in the amazing fuschia shade with the little curled lip at the front.

Brian Atwood 'Alison' Pumps

The elegant 'Nia' shoe is also a classic and comes in a gorgeous lilac suede, again with the adorable curled lip.

Brian Atwood 'Nia' Pumps

Super-stylist Rachel Zoe is a huge fan of the 'Didier' leopard print boot... and I can see why.

Brian Atwood 'Didier' Boot
The suede platform peep toe with the slightly heavier heel called 'Felini' are another new style and again come in an amazing selection of colours.

Brian Atwood 'Felini' £410 (
Brian Atwood 'Felini'  £585 (
Brian Atwood 'Felini'
Oh, to have a pair in every colour and style... a girl can dream!

Pictures from Brian Atwood website. Check out for all the latest collections.

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