Monday, 9 May 2011

Oui Dior...

A few years ago whilst browsing in the beautiful Christian Dior boutique in Singapore, I came across their 'Oui' range of jewellery.

I love how subtle, delicate and simple the 'Oui' jewellery collection is and it comes in either yellow gold, white gold and even pink gold in some pieces. It also comes with either a single diamond in the dot of the 'i', or diamonds in the full three letters depending on your penchant for diamonds or, more realistically, your budget! I particularly love how they have inscribed the word 'Oui' into the claws of the rose gold Morganite ring - beautiful!

All jewellery is available at and in Christian Dior boutiques worldwide.

'Oui' white gold necklace £890

'Oui' yellow gold necklace £810

'Oui' white gold bracelet with diamonds £2,150

'Oui' pink gold ring £2,150

'Oui' pink gold ring £2,150

'Oui' white gold bracelet £670

'Oui' yellow gold charm £600
'Oui' yellow gold bracelet £610

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