Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Style Icon - Olivia Palermo

Okay, I admit it - I am a total sucker for American so-called 'reality' TV...

It all started with an addiction to the tears and tantrums of The Hills on MTV and slowly progressed to an obsession with the spin off show, The City.

Whitney Port, star of The Hills and The City was the good girl that everyone liked and Olivia Palermo, spoilt, rich socialite who did not suffer fools gladly was portrayed as the evil fashionista out to ruin all-American girl Whitney.

However, what was undeniable throughout the entire series was that Olivia's style was AMAZING!

She may be uber rich but money cannot necessarily buy you style (case in point - Paris Hilton!). Her effortless style is always super-chic and she manages to look just as cool in brogues as she does in 5" heels.

I was so happy last year when Vogue UK asked her to take part in the blog feature, 'Today I'm Wearing' showing the readers her wardrobe choices for a full month.

What I especially love about Ms Palermo's style is that she looks just as good in Zara or Topshop as she does in Chanel or Chloe. Her eclectic mix of smart and casual, designer and high street, lady-like and laid back ensures that her outfit choices are always unique and most certainly very 'Olivia'.

Every single day of the month was a style triumph but here are some of my favourite pictures from her Vogue blog.

Oh, and another thing.... her handbag collection is TO DIE FOR!!

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