Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A Moment in Fashion - Christian Dior Couture Fall 2010

One of my favourite moments in this wonderful world of fashion would have to be the Christian Dior Couture Fall 2010 show in Paris.

I did originally publish this article a couple of months ago however Blogger then deleted it and I thought it was gone forever.... However, I have now found it in my drafts so thought I would share it again.

I remember the minute the pictures went up on Style.com, pouring through them and never wanting the last image to come upon me. I was completely and utterly tickled pink and still remember the goosebumps as I fell in love with every single look in the show.

In spite of everything that has happened with Christian Dior and John Galliano in recent months, whenever I hear 'Dior' or 'Galliano', I still picture in my head the 30 wonderful creations that took to the runway last July.

Even before the first model took to the catwalk in an extreme tulip coat in a beautiful shade of purple with an enormous ruffled collar, the guests must have guessed that something extraordinarily colourful and dramatic was about to unfold before them. The monstrous exotic flowers set the backdrop to the splendour of the runway show in a truly magnificent way that, in honesty, only Galliano knows how to achieve in such grandeur.

Every look seemed destined to out-do the last and indeed this went on until the final look of the couture show, an asymmetric black ball gown with layer upon layer upon layer of delicate organza and tulle completed with an orange silk bow belt and a layer of beautiful hand died silk in purple and red which resembled an upside down tropical flower.

Each intoxicating vivid colour, every perfected ruffle, every dramatic skirt and every fabulous feather was crafted together with such imagination, fantasy and evident love and affection that I will always remember this show for it truly was a masterpiece.

In stark contrast, Christian Dior Couture Fall 2011 show was such an epic disappointment and looking back at the previous years' triumph actually makes me a little sad... I really hope Dior can find someone who can bring back a little bit of the Galliano magic!

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