Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Shoe du Jour

Just when you think you can't love Charlotte Olympia shoes anymore than you already do, you see the new amazing collection and instantly start trying to hatch a 'Del boy' style get-rich-quick master plan in order to pay for every pair in the collection.

I'm not going to lie, choosing my latest favourite pair of CO's was tougher than choosing my favourite member of One Direction (I'm only kidding - it would be Harry every time!) as there were a lot of amazing contenders but I think the hot pink and red Priscilla in Stripes just edged it over the Polly, Dolly, Love Me and Love Dolly designs...

Get in my basket now Little Miss Priscilla in Stripes - you're coming home with me!

Priscilla in Stripes by Charlotte Olympia at Net-a-Porter £645 (www.net-a-porter.com)

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