Thursday, 10 January 2013

2013 Wish List - Part 1

Let's face it,  New Years' resolutions can be pretty dull - eat less, drink less, exercise more etc etc.

I am not even going to kid myself on that any of those resolutions will last past January so I've decided instead this year to buy less... but buy better! Rather than going for a quick wander round the shops and coming home with bags of things that I didn't really need, I'm going to be a bit more conscious of what I'm actually spending.

My bedroom is literally overflowing with clothes, shoes and accessories so I have put together a 2013 wish list to keep me on track and stop me spending needlessly! Okay, so I maybe don't exactly 'need' the items on my wish list but I really, really, REALLY want them and feel that it'll be worth saving up for and sacrificing quantity for quality.

As I wear scarves literally ALL the time, to the point where I actually feel a bit naked without one on, I've decided that I'd really like to purchase an amazing scarf this year.

I've absolutely fallen head over heels in love with this Louis Vuitton shawl. I adore the subtle monogram print and the beautiful, luxurious neutral shade that will go with absolutely every outfit and I know I will get so much wear from it! At £315 it's not exactly cheap but I definitely think it'll be a worthwhile investment.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Shawl in Verone - £315 (

Next on my 2013 wish list is a pair of fierce Christian Louboutin heels. I'm not 100% sure about which ones exactly as there are soooo many I like!

I absolutely love the Pigalle Spikes in a few different colours. They look so good in white and are complete show stoppers in the neon pink. I don't think I would ever get bored wearing these shoes. I normally always wear platform heels but the proportions on the Pigalle are just perfect without any extra platform.

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spiked Pumps in Chalk - £790 (

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spiked Pumps in Rose Paris £790 (
Then again, you really can't go wrong with classic and timeless black and I absolutely love these Christian Louboutin Alti 160 Spiked heels so maybe it'll be these ones instead...

Christian Louboutin Alti 160 Spiked heels £895 available at Net-a-Porter (

I love how high they are!

The perfect silhouette

Do NOT mess with these tootsies!

I'm heading off to Dubai in February for a couple of weeks for some winter sun and to visit my brother who lives out there. All this talk of the sunshine has definitely put me in the mood for some new, amazing sunglasses!

Miu Miu's accessories have been so beautiful the past couple of seasons and I'm a huge fan of their glitter and stud sneakers and the gorgeous croc effect leather purses.

Miu Miu's sunglasses do NOT disappoint either. I fell in love with the glitter acetate glasses when I saw that Millie Mackintosh had bought the silver version of the 'Noir' glasses last month.

Millie looking drop dead gorgeous in her Miu Miu Noir sunglasses
 My favourite though are the pink glitter Noir shades. I think the pink will really stand out next to my blonde hair and I they are just the perfect amount of pink without looking too 'Barbie'!

Miu Miu Noir pink glitter acetate Sunglasses £225 available at Net-a-Porter (

Close up glitter detail... perfection!

I love the gorgeous pink case they come in too... so chic!

 Every girl needs some statement jewellery in her life and I don't think you can ever have too many fabulous rings.

I've always loved the Arty ring by YSL... or Yves Saint Laurent... or Saint Laurent... or whatever Hedi Slimane has decided that they should be called these days!

I spotted this beautiful mint shade of the Arty ring on Net-a-Porter and, as it is one of my favourite colours, it is most definitely worthy of adding to my prestigious wish list!

YSL Arty ring £180 available at Net-a-Porter (

So, I think I've indulged enough for Part 1 of my wish list... but no wish list should ever be complete without an amazing bag. I just need to decide what arm candy I want first - Celine, Chanel, Proenza, Mulberry... decisions, decisions!

Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what must-have items are on your 2013 wish list!


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