Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Super Sneaks

As a self-confessed heel-a-holic, one trend that I really wasn't expecting to be partaking in was the re-surgence of the sneaker. There would have been a time not too long ago where I would have scoffed at anyone who was willing to spend money that could have been spent on fabulous heels, on trainers instead! I hate to admit it but I've actually been slightly converted recently and find myself lusting after expensive but amazing sneakers...

As a stylist, I do a lot of running around between shops and studios with LOTS of bags, suit carriers, rails and clothing steamers and normally ALWAYS do this in really high heels.

Some recent behind the scenes from photoshoots and fashion shows
Photographs - Victoria Martin
A few months ago though, I fell in love with these leopard and glitter Luca trainer by KG Kurt Geiger (£75). They get so many comments from people and are really quite glamorous considering how unbelievably comfy they are.

Luca trainers by KG Kurt Geiger (£75)

They are just so comfy on...
Photograph - Victoria Martin
Soon after, I realised how easy it is to run in and out of shops when you're in a hurry (as I often am) and I purchased my 2nd pair of trainers - this time, some Navy Superga's.

My navy Superga's
Photograph - Victoria Martin

I had to go a full size down in these (from a 39 to a 38) but they are such great value at just £45. I also really love the khaki version (available at Matches.com) and the grey ones (available at Farfetch.com).

Khaki Superga's £45 available at Matches (www.matchesfashion.com)

Grey Superga's £42 available at Farfetch.com (www.farfetch.com)
Alexa Chung also loves some Superga's, well she is the face of the brand afterall, so they really MUST be cool...

I spotted some AMAZING Miu Miu sneakers in Frasers Glasgow a couple of weeks ago. They are so outrageous that they're fabulous.

Silver glitter sneakers by Miu Miu £325 available at mytheresa.com (www.mytheresa.com)

Pink glitter sneakers by Miu Miu £325 available at mytheresa.com (www.mytheresa.com)
I first noticed Lanvin sneakers when I spotted oh-so-stylish Olivia Palermo wearing hers with some gorgeous leather leggings and a stunning Anya Hindmarch tote! I really like the simplicity and colour of these two tone trainers, kind of like a flat version of the YSL Tribtoo heels.

Olivia Palermo in her Lanvin sneaks

Two Tone sneakers by Lanvin £311 available at far fetch.com (www.farfetch.com)
Admittedly, when I first saw the Isabel Marant Bayley sneakers, it's safe to say I wasn't a fan. I thought they were far too clumpy. But, the more that I see them, the more I seem to be craving a pair. They look incredibly comfy and I love how amazing they look with leather leggings, although I do worry that you need super-long, super-skinny legs a la Miranda Kerr to pull them off due to the chunky nature of the high tops.

Miranda Kerr is the definition of Yummy Mummy!

My favourite version of the Isabel Marant Bayley's are probably the purple ones which are currently available at Matches.com.

Isabel Marant Bayley £370 available at Matches (www.matchesfashion.com)

They say you know you're getting old when you start choosing comfort or style... but hopefully all of these fabulous sneakers encompass both traits in one though!


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