Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Nailed It!

I'll hold my (perfectly manicured) hands up to having an ever-so-slight obsession with my nails. 

My nails don't grow particularly well anymore so, about 4 months ago, I decided to try out some acrylic stiletto nails.

I found a girl called Cheryl Cheney through my hairdresser, Nicole and I would always rather go to someone who has been recommended to me to make sure that I know what kind of quality to expect.

Nicole's nails were always gorgeous so I decided to go to Cheryl for some nude stiletto nails after seeing a picture of Rihanna with something similar.

Cheryl did such an amazing job and they were exactly what I wanted.

My favorite thing about the nude nails is that they are really easy to paint over but look just as good without nail polish as it does with it. Every colour I try on seems to look much better with long nails.

My new ALL-TIME FAVOURITE EVER nail polish is a lucious red called 'Trophy Wife' by Tom Ford. It goes on perfectly and looks amazing and glossy after just one coat. It also lasts really well too and doesn't seem to chip.

Tom Ford 'Trophy Wife' £26 at Selfridges

Given how much I love the "Trophy Wife', I've added another couple of Tom Ford shades to my wish list including "Bordeaux Lust' and 'Fever Pink'.

Tom Ford 'Fever Pink' £26 at House of Fraser
Tom Ford "Bordeaux Lust' £26 at House of Fraser 

As I had been painting my nails red quite a lot before Christmas, I decided on a purple shade by Revlon as my festive nails. This shade is called 'Plum Attraction' and it always gets lots of compliments.

Revlon 'Plum Attraction' £6.49 at Boots

And I also really love this shade called 'Dreamer' by Revlon too...

Revlon 'Dreamer' £6.49 at Boots

My nails are a lot more low maintenance than they look. I get them filled in every 2-3 weeks and a new set put on every 2 months. My nails grow really quickly so some people could probably get away with having them filled in less often but I always think they are more likely to break if they get too long. 

After I have them filled in they literally look as good as new - this picture was after having them infilled for the 2nd time.

Last summer I got a white sparkle Shellac manicure and found that white literally goes with everything so I decided to create my own using Barry M white polish with a glitter Models Own polish on top of it.

Both available nationwide at Boots and Superdrug

I wear neon clothing A LOT so I see no reason for my nails to miss out in the trend as well... The 'Barbie Pink' shade by W7 goes great with lime colours and is only £1.99!

W7 'Barbie Pink' £1.99 available at Nail Polish Direct

I'm due to get a fresh set of nails in a couple of weeks so I'm thinking of trying out some of Cheryl's other designs (you can check her Facebook page out here). I love this glitter design as it's just the right amount of 'bling'...

And I also really like this nude, leopard print and cross design as well!

I literally have hundreds of bottles of nail polish and my sister Louise bought me a nail polish holder for Christmas. 

Acrylic Nail Polish Display Stand £8.49 available on ebay here

It's really handy and I definitely need to invest in some more so that I can fit all my nail polish on shelves rather than in shoe boxes as they are currently stored!

Acrylic nails get quite a bad reputation for ruining your own nails but I've had mine on continuously for nearly 4 months and my nails still grow really fast. I've been lucky that I've only had 1 small break so far and I managed to get it fixed straight away so I've never been tempted to try and pick them off myself. I think having them removed by a professional rather than trying to take them off yourself is the key to healthy nails after having had nail extensions on. 

I also think it's important to find someone really good if you feel like trying out acrylic nails yourself and I have nothing but good things to say about Cheryl!


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