Thursday, 30 January 2014

Three Way Thursday

As a stylist, I always get asked by clients how they can get more wear from their wardrobe. So, prompted by requests by friends, family and clients, I have decided to start a new feature on the blog on a Thursday to show you how easy it is to make lots of outfit options from one single item. In fact, I'll show you three different ways to wear it. Let's call it 'Three Way Thursday'!

As much as I may appear to be a shopaholic to many people (i.e. my flatmates!), I really try to only buy things that I know I will get lots of wear from and know that I can style in lots of different ways. It's not necessarily about having more clothes, it's about having the right clothes and about trying to wear more colour and adding interest through prints, textures and accessories!

Every week, I'll show you three ways that I wear something I already have in my wardrobe! (Hopefully with better quality photographs than those below!)

To get the ball rolling, I decided to chose an orange blazer from Zara as it's probably not a colour that people would associate getting lots of wear from as it's not neutral shade. But it actually looks great with lots of diffent colours and is great for dressing up jeans and a t-shirt. I added the fur collar from Topshop to the blazer last week to make it a bit warmer and let's face it, you can never go wrong with a little faux fur...

So, I need YOUR suggestions of items that you need a few ideas of how to style up! Send me a picture of the item that you want to get more wear from via Facebook (Victoria Martin Style), Twitter (@victoriamstyle), Instagram (@victoriamartinstyle) or email me at And don't forget to use the hashtag #ThreeWayThursday

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